Inaugural South Georgia Gospel Music Festival

In Celebration of African American Music Appreciation Month

The United States has been celebrating African-American Music Appreciation Month in June since 1979. The month of June is set aside to appreciate the contributions of African-American musicians, composers, singers, and songwriters in American culture. The month honors the history and rich African traditions that gave birth to different styles of music such as rap, hip-hop, jazz, rhythm and blues, barbershop, and swing.

South Georgia Gospel Music Festival

It's Almost Time!

What should you expect?

1️⃣ 4 hours of Gospel music
2️⃣ 16 performances hitting the stage from South Carolina to Florida
3️⃣ Dj Chill Will spinning the latest Gospel hits
4️⃣ Silent Auction to raise money for mens mental health initiatives through the Mental Wealth Center
5️⃣ Live Remote with Star 105.3 FM
6️⃣ Vendors
7️⃣ Food Trucks
This event is FREE and Open to the public. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy the show.


 OFFICIAL FESTIVAL T-SHIRTS  will be on sale at the park!

THANK YOU to our SPONSORS for helping to make this event a success! 





This Inaugural South Georgia Gospel Music Festival is


VocalFlo Entertainment provides a platform and an audience to help artists do what they love to do, while also providing the support to help artists excel. 

This Inaugural South Georgia Gospel Music Festival will also bring awareness to men's mental health resources and initiatives through VocalFlo Entertainment's partnership with local non-profit, Mental Wealth Center, and its resident mental health practitioner, Dr. Demetria Hill.

Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking or behavior (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities. Mental illness is common.

Each year:

- nearly one in five (19 percent) U.S. adults experience some form of mental illness
- one in 24 (4.1 percent) has a serious mental illness*
- one in 12 (8.5 percent) has a diagnosable substance use disorder

Mental illness is treatable. Most individuals with mental illness continue to function in their daily lives.

In response to the growing men's mental health crisis in Valdosta, GA, Dr. Hill recently conducted her first ever “MENtal Clarity” conference on April 1, 2023. This event quickly reached full capacity and was met with so much great feedback, the men asked that the conversations continue.  A “MENtal Matters” workshop, spinoff of the “MENtal Clarity” workshop, will take place on June 10th as a means to continue the conversation on black men, mental health, and spirituality.  See graphic below.

mental matters
Mental Wealth Center

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